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ANİM.İST Istanbul Animation Platform

Animation exists to disrupt the routine of daily life by entering a surreal universe, to face the realities of the world while in a safe area, to process them in our minds, digest them, support our resilience, have fun, learn, share our stories, that is, live. A tremendous personal and cultural value. However, besides these, intellectual property is an indispensable part of the economic world and creative industries.

Despite being a country with such a young population and story, we were seeing lost or unfinished films, projects that were not developed at the desired level due to insufficient support, a great need for qualified people, and therefore a discouraged animation industry. However, with a rapidly increasing momentum in recent years, our animation industry is reborn thanks to education, awareness, vision, labor and cooperation. This is exactly why the ANIM.IST Istanbul Animation Platform Project was designed to contribute culturally and economically to the development of the creative industries ecosystem in Istanbul, specifically for animation and related production areas. With the support of the Istanbul Development Agency Creative Industries (YES) Financial Support Program for 2021, in partnership with the Governorship of Istanbul, TRT Children's, Visual Effects and Animation Artists Association and Bahçeşehir University project management, we strengthen the human resources trained in the field of creative industries with qualified education, production and team spirit. It also aims to contribute to the development of employability and competitiveness on an international scale. Istanbul Animation Platform ANİM.İST includes a free animation certificate program on animation screenwriting, animation producer, animation director, character and concept designer, animator and visual effects designer, and short animation production, which will last for 18 months.

The challenging conditions the world is going through reminded us that we are not alone and we shouldn't be alone. Because especially under these conditions, “all for one, one for all”! A new golden age is on the horizon, the golden age of animation. We must be ready for this age together.

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