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ANİM.İST Istanbul Animation Platform Gala

ANİM.İST started as a festival in 2018 to introduce the art and profession of animation with good examples, to revitalize the sector by establishing new ties and to raise awareness about the cultural, social and economic value of animation. It continued on its way as a festival with national and international guests in 2019 and 2021.

In 2021, T.C. With the visionary support given to the creative industries by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Istanbul Development Agency, it was named Istanbul Animation Platform. Bahçeşehir University started a new 18-month journey by transforming into an animation education and production center in partnership with the Governorship of Istanbul, TRT Child and the Association of Visual Effects and Animation Artists. Our destination in this amazing journey was far beyond providing a competent workforce to the animation industry in the fields of animation screenwriter, producer, director, concept designer, vertical editor and animator. During the months that covered countless seminars, workshops, training and production, we became true companions with people who were interested in animation, who were passionate about animation, and who aimed for it as a profession. Here, these companions made 7 short animations with a wide variety of topics and audience profile using different animation techniques such as stopmotion (stop-play), 2D, 3D, traditional and hybrid: Bulut, Magus Baba's Blue Monkey, Nefes, No More Princess , Freedom, New Year's Gift, A Thousand Places to Jump. In addition, “ANIM.IST Rhymes: Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Concept Designer, Visual Effects, Animator”, developed jointly with young rap musicians, introduces animation professions in rap format.

Istanbul Animation Platform, in which the trainers and mentors are industry employees, the support of leading institutions of the animation industry, and the majority of female participants in the training process, is proud to introduce more than a hundred new talents to the wonderful universe of animation.

On Tuesday, June 6, at 18:30, at a very important point for Turkish Cinema, at Atlas Cinema, under the roof of the Istanbul Cinema Museum, all these wonderful animations will meet the audience with a gala. We invite all animation lovers to ANIM.IST Gala to discover the new talents of animation in Turkey.

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