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Animation exists to disrupt the routine of daily life by entering a surreal universe, to face the realities of the world while in a safe space, to process and digest them in our minds, to support our endurance, to have fun, to learn, to share our stories, that is to live. A tremendous personal and cultural value. However, besides these, intellectual property is an indispensable part of the world of economy and creative industries. 

Because we desperately need platforms that will nurture educational institutions and the industry, those who are interested in animation and children in animation, open their horizons, bring them together, inspire, provide a space for movement and make them visible.


Why is our name ANİMİST?
Because we are in Istanbul and the animist is also “the power that constantly renews and changes itself outside of human activities; all one's instincts; environment, nature, which has not undergone major changes by human hands and preserves its natural beauties. There are many words derived from it:
Anima - Animal - Animation - Animator

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