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ANİM.İST Istanbul's Animation Festival

It is an international animation festival organized by Bahçeşehir University Cartoon and Animation Department. It appeals to everyone who is interested in animation, professional, amateur, student, trainer. Its goal is to create a platform that will bring the animation industry, animation education institutions and those interested in animation together, inspire, open their horizons, and make animation visible as an art and communication form.

Among her guests to date are Anna Kluza, one of the chief animators of the Oscar-nominated animated movie Loving Vincent; Craig Caldwell, who specializes in story writing for animated VR and digital gaming; Murat Akbulut from 1000Volt, the post production center, Turkey's first design center; Burak Balkan, one of the masters of VFX, and Arman Şernaz, founder of the leading animation studio Lighthouse VFX; Tan Oral, Turkey's doyen of cartoons and the director of the award-winning animated film Censor; Having worked on productions such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, Star Wars: Episode VII and VFX supervisor of the Oscar-nominated film Christopher Robin in visual effects, Arslan Elver from Framestore from the United Kingdom and Rutu Modan from Israel, the Comic-Con Eisner award-winning comic book writer, Prof. from the Republic of Korea. Lee Namkook, Animated Women UK consultant, educator, animator Helen Piercy, Disney Channel Turkey General Manager Kemal Çoşkuner, Visual Effects and Animation Artists Association board members, visual effects design and dubbing in the history of Turkish Cinema Sinan Demirtaş, the director of the documentary films, microphone acting veterans Damla Babacan and Harun Can, and the director of Rafadan Tayfa, which broke the revenue record in the field of domestic animation, İsmail Fidan took part.  

It hosted student animation films from Israel's most established cinema school Bezalel and South Korea Hongik University, and faculty members and students from Eskişehir Anadolu and Kütahya Dumlupınar Universities.  

The festival, which also received the support of the British Council's #WomenPower in Culture Support Program in 2020, also hosted a special event that brought together the important actors of the animation industry in Turkey and the institutions providing education in this field through the "Animation Without Borders Universities and Sector Colloquium".  


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